Learn How a Transponder Key Secures Your Car

The transponder is a computer chip that is placed inside the head of the ignition key. This chip has an entrenched code, exclusively defined to each key, which emits radio signals to another device installed in the car. The signals transmitted are programmed radio frequencies that are identified by the device installed behind the steering wheel. After the recognition, the device verifies the code and does the functions that it had been asked to. In case the code is not recognized by the device, it will not unlock the automobile door or start the engine. Thus, only the owner who is in possession of the key will be capable to start the car. Locksmith Grapevine Tx can give you various suggestions regarding securing your car.

The transponder key gives the owner access to the car through the keyless entry. A single key can be used for performing different functions such as locking/unlocking the vehicle door, starting the engine, activating/deactivating the alarm, and turning on/off the fuel pump. It is an added advantage as you don’t have to carry different keys.